Minnie Ocasio, MSW

Welcome to your session, your safe place. How can I be of service to you? Bienvenido a tu sesión, tu espacio seguro. Como puedo ayudarle? 

I am an unconventional, out of the box thinking, bilingual therapist. I have a very happy and bubbly personality and like to offer a safe space for all. I am extremely client centered and have a motivational interviewing approach. I have a passion for working with children and model a lot of play therapy techniques.  

I believe it is important to meet the client where they are at, and I love to explore each client individually and highlight what their strengths are. Whether that is through music, dance, art etc. I am not your traditional sit-down therapist and will have you get comfortable being uncomfortable to continue effective engagement. I have the mindset of “what is important to you is important to me” not minimizing what matters to you. I have a genuine passion for helping others as I hold a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Kutztown University. I have a passion for finding your inner child and reminding them that all will be okay. 

I am an instructor at a local gym teaching Body Combat. My goal is to bring in Trauma informed kickboxing where you will be invited to express your inner fighter and experience a trauma-informed kickboxing class. This technique will help reclaim your inner warrior, body, and confidence, where you will feel like you are getting your power back, let out some steam and practice mindful grounding techniques.  

I am a huge advocate for Mental Health and Suicide Awareness and created an annual event called the Zumba-Combat-Kick-A-Thon raising awareness and on Mental Health and Suicide; ask me about it.  

I am a firm believer that therapy is not a “one size fits all” and I like to make sure the client is able to get involved with a therapist and or approach that fits them from wanting a female therapist, a younger therapist, an African American Therapist, Hispanic therapist, Equine Therapy, music therapy etc.  

I am here to serve you. How can I help you get on the right path to healing?  

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484-709-1381 EXT. 715