MaJuana Mayo LSW

My passion for the helping profession began over 20 years ago during my undergraduate career as a psychology major. Over time, my desire to work with the community to help others only grew stronger. I later pursued my master's degree as a social worker working with all ages, from small children to late adulthood, in a plethora of settings. To date, offering therapy services in an outpatient setting has been my focus. 

What can therapy do for me, you ask? 

Therapy can be a transformative journey, a safe space where you can explore your emotions, thoughts, and experiences. As a licensed therapist with a background in both Psychology and Social Work, my clinical skills and expertise are able to fit a range of individual needs. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, mood disorders, etc., therapy offers valuable tools. Is change possible? Of course! Therapy helps you redirect your focus from what feels unchangeable to actionable steps. 

Together, we’ll work on turning the pages of your story. Every being has a purpose, and your story matters. I’m here to listen without judgment. Let’s explore your experiences, one page at a time. In our therapeutic relationship, you’ll find safety and comfort where self-disclosure will become a bridge to healing. Let's set some goals together. Through support and guidance, we’ll navigate challenges and help you reach where you want to be. Remember, you’ve taken the first step by seeking services. Call to schedule your appointment—let’s begin this chapter of growth and resilience.

Call or email me at

 484.709.1381 ext. 701