Laura Tjarks, M. S.

Most individuals are their biggest critic.  Negative thought patterns became a habit, and eventually turn into a lifestyle.  Life continues to have unexpected challenges and we are tasked to handle these while continuing to play all our other daily roles.  

While we prioritize other areas of our life, we often place less importance on our mental health and just try to push along.  This leads to feeling unappreciated, not valued, and emotionally drained.  Even adolescents and youth today are overstimulated by the constant ability to be reached and minimally able to be recharged.  Allow therapy to be that reset.  As Alexander Elle stated “Do not feel guilty for prioritizing your emotional well-being. You deserve to flourish in safe spaces.”  

I take on a person-centered approach as well as the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work with individuals to change their negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns.  I also focus on self-worth and allowing you to love yourself as you should! I have 15 years of experience in Social work and working with family systems.  For the last six years I have changed to more of an individual focus while working with youth ages 5-18 and adults with anxiety, depression, ADHD, anger, and self-esteem concerns.  How can I help you? Please contact me at the information below:

Phone: 484-709-1381 ext. 708