Kathleen Epler, LSW

“Nothing is Impossible. The word itself says I’m possible.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

“When I grow up, I want to be a professional volunteer (or a ballerina).

~ 13-year-old me

I can honestly say, having a career for twenty plus years where I get to walk alongside people on this journey we call life, has been nothing short of amazing! Whether I am running a group, meeting one on one, teaching a yoga class, or engaging in a community event the goal is always the same. It is my desire to hold space for you, meeting you where you are at with a sense of compassion and humility. I have had the distinct opportunity to coach people in recovery, work with lawyers, nurses, business owners, mothers, and fathers, in addition to students at the collegiate and high school level.

As a social worker I look at things globally and how all parts of your unique story are inter-connected. The only person who is an expert at yourself is you. With permission, it is my desire to share in this experience with you and truly be your guide. During the therapeutic process it is my intention we move at a safe space; it is always your choice which direction we go. More recently, I have been drawn toward mindfulness practices as a result of the pandemic and increasing anxiety within the local community. Did you know after 8 weeks of mindfulness exercises the brain physically changes? These tools can help shift the dynamic equipping you to better navigate life’s twists and turns.

People choose to work with me toward mental wellness of the whole person, making goals achievable. Support may be offered (like a compass providing direction) for depression, anxiety, trauma associated with surgery, living with an addict or an alcoholic, moving through life transitions. My overarching goal is to help you learn critical skills, promoting healing and reclaiming your authentic self. I do this with a client-centered approach through conversation, breathing exercises, art, music, freedom of expression, spiritual exploration, or embodied movement if the case calls for it. Sometimes to get to the root of the problem, means inviting yourself to think outside the box. Additionally, I carry an LSW and am committed to professional growth so I can best serve you.

Recent certifications and training include:

Mindfulness Based Informed Practitioner

Diversity Summit University of Pittsburgh

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy)

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training

Role of Nutrition in Mental Wellness

Are you ready to join me in moving toward wholeness? Isn’t it time you reclaim your authentic self? You can contact me at: kathleen.epler@betterviewcounseling.com or call at 484-709-1381 ext. 714