Danny Gilmore, M.H.S.

My interest in the mental health profession started in my days of undergraduate study at Albright College.  I took psychology courses there and grew passionate enough to pursue a master’s degree in human services from Lincoln University.  My education prepared me to meet the demands of children and adults who are seeking to better understand how to self-regulate their emotions while developing age-appropriate relationships across all domains.

I have acquired extensive experience over the past twenty-five year plus years of services working in the mental health field. I served as the Behavioral Health Administrator at a Federally Qualified Health Care facility (FQHC) where I was responsible for building a comprehensive behavioral health program where clients in the lower socioeconomic status had access to a primary care physician, a dentist and mental health all in one location.

I supervised behavioral health staff in a school setting, worked as a school-based therapist as well as provided therapy both in the home and community.  I was also trained in Family-based therapy which focused on intensive team delivered collaborative treatment were I worked in partnership with caregivers, the child and natural supports. Family based exposed me the four pillars: Co-caregiver alliance, executive function, self-regulation, and attachment. Furthermore, I have experience working with youth, who qualified for Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS).

The modality, I prefer to utilize depends on the depth of the presenting problem that needs to be addressed by the client.  Family Orientation Therapy, Person-Centered, Behavioral Cognitive Therapy are the therapeutic modalities, I utilize to facilitate change by collaborating with the client, family, and their natural supports.

You can reach me by calling 484-709-1381 ext. 710