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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

You Can Heal, Unlock Yourself, and Recover. With CBT Therapy, You Can Reach Your True Potential.

Image of a woman staring out of the window. If you're feeling isolated and looking for support, CBT Therapy in Reading, PA could be just what you need to start feeling better!

You're overwhelmed with the struggles of life, and it's hard to know where to turn. Maybe your marriage is having problems but you don't know what to do. You love your partner, but the problems seem insurmountable. Or, maybe you're struggling with money issues and you don't know how to get out of it.

Perhaps, your self-esteem has hit an all-time low and you don't know how to pick yourself back up. You know you are worth more than your inner critic is telling you, but how do you move forward? The lack of motivation and energy is also getting in the way of achieving your goals and reaching your true potential. Your potential is still within you, waiting to be unlocked. You can reach it.

What is CBT?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that helps you identify and change negative thoughts and behaviors. CBT also helps you to become aware of how your thought patterns are impacting your actions. The goal of CBT is to help you understand how all of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are intertwined and how this affects your overall mental health.

CBT focuses on the present and encourages problem-solving. Your therapist will work with you to identify, challenge, and change your thought patterns. This is in order to help you find healthier ways to cope with difficult situations and create positive outcomes. Through this process, you will be able to unlock your true potential and reach the goals that are important to you.

How is CBT Therapy in Reading, PA, Beneficial?

CBT is a therapy method that has many benefits for individuals who are seeking relief and healing. Through CBT, individuals can find relief from negative thoughts and feelings, as well as provide guidance on how to make positive changes in one’s life. CBT also has the potential to support you in:

  • Understanding and changing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Developing coping skills to manage stressors in life
  • Improving communication and interpersonal skills
  • Having an increased sense of self-worth, confidence, and motivation
  • Improving your overall well-being

CBT in Reading, PA can help you unlock yourself and recover from the challenges you are facing. It can serve as a platform to reach your true potential so that you can live a fulfilling and meaningful life. You deserve to live your life to the fullest, and CBT can help you get there.

We Make it Our Mission to Help You Reach Your Goals

Image of two women talking. Tired of feeling like you aren't heard? CBT Therapy in Reading, PA can help! Start feeling heard and like you can address your feelings today!


At Betterview Counseling and Trauma Recovery, we provide CBT to help you unlock your true potential, heal, and recover. Our goal is to make sure that you feel heard and supported throughout your journey. We make it our mission to provide individualized and evidence-based care that is tailored to the needs of each and every client. We want you to feel as if this is the first step to improving your life and that you are taking the reigns of your own self-care journey.

Your Best Interests are Always at the Forefront

Our therapists have worked with many individuals who did not think they could reach their true potential due to the battles they were facing in their daily lives. However, they took the first step with CBT therapy and have seen tremendous progress. In the end, they have been able to find the courage to break through their challenges and have found success in reaching their goals. Let us help you make your dreams a reality and open the door to liberation, freedom, and success – we believe in you and are here to help you every step of the way. We will provide you will the tools to move forward in confidence and will always have your best interests at the forefront.

Approach to CBT Therapy in Reading, PA

Our CBT therapists at Betterview Counseling and Trauma Recovery are trained in CBT. We use a person-centered approach to ensure your customized treatment plan is unique to your needs, circumstances, and lifestyle. Our therapists only use proven trauma treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy that can help you unlock your true potential when working through challenges. We want you to feel heard and supported throughout your journey, which is why your journey will be led by you, with our therapists helping you every step of the way.

Image of a man looking into his reflection. Are you looking for answers within yourself but overwhelmed by life? CBT Therapy in Reading, PA could help you sort our your feelings and turn them into positive behaviors! Take the First Step and Unlock Your True Potential

We know that seeking therapy is a big step to admitting that something needs to change in order to move forward. However, we will make sure that you can heal from the psychological, emotional, and physical challenges you are facing to reach your true potential. With Betterview Counseling and Trauma Recovery, the journey to unlocking your true potential is within reach.

Interested in Starting CBT Therapy in Reading, PA?

Are you ready to unlock your true potential? With CBT therapy, you can take the first step to uncover your personal strengths, healing, and recovering. You are more than your struggles and you deserve to live a life of liberation, freedom, and success. Are you ready to begin your journey? If you are ready to start CBT therapy at Betterview Counseling and Trauma Recovery then follow these steps:

  1. Reach out or call 484-709-1381 to discuss treatment options
  2. Schedule your first appointment here
  3. Begin healing and unlocking your true potential!

Other Therapy Services We Offer in the Reading, PA Area

At Betterview Counseling and Trauma Recovery, we offer a variety of in-person and online therapy services at our practice located in Reading, PA. This way, we can support you and your family. Other than CBT therapy, our therapy services include teen counseling, individual therapy for adults, family counseling, counseling for trauma, anxiety treatment, and therapy for depression. Every individual is unique and our therapists will tailor their treatment to meet your specific needs and challenges. Our therapists want to help you unlock your true potential and live the life you deserve. Ready to take the first step? Contact us today for more information about our therapy services, and support you in your mental health journey. We look forward to hearing from you!