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Monica Santiago LSW

I am a licensed social worker and experienced mental health clinician in the helping field with a passion for being a positive and down-to-earth form of professional support in the lives of her clients. I enjoy assisting others in working towards realistic goals for a healthy lifestyle that promotes independence, emotional safety, and self-care. 

My approach is client-centered, as each person’s journey is different, with varying challenges and personal goals along the way.  

My experience includes the following:

  • working with individuals from various backgrounds and circumstances with a focus on: 
  • co-occurring disorders 
  • incarceration, 
  • familial challenges, 
  • addiction and recovery, 
  • loss & grief, 
  • crisis and de-escalation, 
  • relationship issues and transitions, 
  • boundary-setting, 
  • trauma experiences and survival

I received a Bachelors of Behavioral Health degree rom Alvernia University, where I focused on chemical dependency & mental health. I then received a Masters Degree in Social Work from West Chester University where I focused on trauma-informed care. 

I utilize solution-focused approaches when addressing important topics with my clients. The therapeutic relationship is key to my mission to form a reliable and safe rapport with my clients. I know how critical therapeutic trust is, so I endorse an open-minded framework in my sessions for my clients, to be honest in a safe space. I lead with an empathetic, realistic mindset, knowing that we all have our own history of life experiences and our own perspectives that come with it. 

Seeking help and support is a sign of personal strength, not weakness. However, this is not the message we always receive from those around us. Engaging in therapy can be a scary thing to sign up for. I take this into account when meeting with my clients. I believe in providing my clients with a sincere effort to build a therapeutic relationship by getting to know each person and providing professional, honest feedback to move forward toward their personal growth.  I believe in addressing personal goals and checking in on where the client’s mindset is, as life tends to throw us unexpected changes at unexpected times.

Learning about yourself is a journey that I believe is lifelong. I look forward to engaging with you and building a supportive connection.